Zurich - BC Platforms has been awarded a contract to collaborate with three clinical biobanks in Finland. This will secure access to the health data of around 2 million Finnish citizens through the Global Data Partner Network operated by BC Platforms for personalized medicine and drug development activities.

BC Platforms (BCP) is now in a position to offer the world of science the anonymized health data of around 2 million Finnish citizens. As the Zurich-based company outlines as part of a press release, it has been awarded a multi-year contract to work with three clinical biobanks affiliated with the Finnish hospital authority following the completion of a tender process. The company is seeking to improve global access to and automate the management of the phenotypic, genomic and clinical data held by the Finnish biobanks.

The biobanks involved are the Biobank Borealis of Northern Finland, the Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere and the Central Finland Biobank. Together, these biobanks collect the data of around one third of the Finnish population who have consented to this.

As BCP underlines in the press release, the future of medical research, diagnostics and treatments is in the hands of biobanks and the data they hold. The software from BC Platforms enables biobanks around the world to generate efficiency gains in terms of their day-to-day operations in addition to increasing the value of the data they hold for academic and commercial research purposes.

This data will help to generate “clinical insights into the causation and treatment of many diseases”, comments Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms, in the press release, adding that: “We see this partnership opening new strategic health data-driven high impact opportunities for Biobanks and the science community”.

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