Domat/Ems GR – BC Tech is investing between 15 and 20 million Swiss francs in a new site at the Industrial Park Vial in Domat/Ems. The high-tech company plans to employ up to 130 staff here. Graubünden’s government has now approved the sale of the required site.

The Industrial Park Vial at Domat/Ems is growing. BC Tech from Chur intends to move its facilities to the site in the Chur Rhine Valley right by the motorway, which at about 200,000m2 is one of the largest well-connected industrial areas in the Greater Zurich Area. Graubünden’s government has now approved the sale of 9,924m2 to BC Tech through the municipality of Domat/Ems. With BC-Tech AG, a further innovative and export-oriented company with great economic value added in high-tech will be moving to the Industrial Park Vial, it was reported in a press release. 

BC Tech plans to invest between 15 and 20 million francs in its new facility. Founded in 1995, the manufacturer of precision glass-to-metal feedthroughs will create products for gas and oil production, aerospace, medicine, industry and vacuum technology at the new site. In the medium to long term, BC Tech will employ around 110 to 130 staff at the Industrial Park. It currently has 60 employees in Chur, plus subsidiaries in Mels SG, St.Gallen and Germany.

The grounds of a former sawmill in Domat/Ems are already home to a new facility of Hamilton Ems AG, a subsidiary of Hamilton Bonaduz AG. Here, the company manufactures intelligent consumer goods for its own products and will have up to 100 employees in the Industrial Park in future. 

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