Baar - Blackstone Technology, the wholly owned subsidiary of Blackstone Resources AG, has won the Green Product Award 2022. The jury ultimately judged in favor of Blackstone’s 3D-printed lithium-ion batteries that offer 20 percent higher energy density. The product emerged victorious against 1,500 competitor submissions from 54 different countries.

Blackstone Resources, based in Baar in the canton of Zug, has announced that its subsidiary Blackstone Technology has won the Green Product Award 2022. Blackstone’s proprietary high-speed multilayer technology for 3D printing to manufacture environmentally friendly, high-performance lithium-ion batteries emerged victorious by seeing off a total of 1,500 competitors from 54 countries. Blackstone had previously achieved a 10th-place finish in the Green Product Audience Award with its development that represents a genuine world first.

Since 2013, the Green Product Award has paid tribute to sustainable and innovative products and services that harbor the potential to positively transform the market. This is the task that Blackstone CEO and founder Ulrich Ernst has sought to tackle with his company: “We achieve a significantly higher energy density of +20 percent, which also promises more range in electromobility. In addition, we produce a precise fit for every design and sustainably reduce energy and material costs”, he explains. In addition, this production approach avoids or reduces the consumption of critical raw materials and chemicals over the long term. In addition, the manufacturing costs of 3D printing are significantly lower compared with the production processes currently in use.

CEO Ulrich Ernst and CMO/CBDO Serhat Yilmaz personally accepted the award at the award ceremony held at Munich’s ARRI cinema. The proprietary 3D printing technology developed by Blackstone is already suitable for the production of solid-state batteries. According to Ernst, this will set new standards in terms of energy density, safety and service life”, while also offering “reduced costs at the same time”, he explains in the press release. The company is set to “soon begin pre-series production”, Ernst concludes.

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