Zurich – The canton of Zurich is now able to offer business and organizations based in the canton the top level domain .zuerich for their websites. This move is intended to symbolize the success of the Greater Zurich Area. Domain owners now stand to benefit from the reputation of the Zurich brand.

The canton of Zurich has secured administrative rights to the top-level domain .zuerich. This domain will be available for use by businesses and organizations based in the canton as of August 30, the Office for Economics and Labor of the Canton of Zurich (AWA) writes in a press release. With the .zuerich domain, the canton is aiming “to clearly and unmistakably position Switzerland’s largest economic area both in the digital space and in the international competition for business locations”, the AWA explains.

Kanton Zürich bekommt eigene Top-Level-Domain
Zurich's strong financial center plays a central economic role for the canton thanks to banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers. Source: Ueli Alder

The .zuerich domain should allow companies to “benefit from the excellent reputation of the Zurich brand”, according to the website set up by the canton dedicated to the new top-level domain. The website also states that the canton of Zurich is responsible for “the greatest share of economic output and added value in Switzerland”, meaning that a company could strengthen its own brand by using the .zuerich domain, while at the same time reinforcing its connection with the Greater Zurich Area.

The canton of Zurich is responsible for the quality and security of the top-level domain in its role as the registry. Sales and support are the responsibility of a number of accredited domain providers, while a list of providers as well as all other information required for registration is provided on the website set up by the canton of Zurich.

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