Zurich – The automotive association cardossier uses blockchain technology to help transparently portray the lifecycle of a vehicle, including any accidents or damage incurred. The corresponding platform has now been put into operation.

Cardossier blockchain from Greater Zurich


According to a press release, cardossier represents the “first digital public-private ecosystem in Switzerland and Liechtenstein”. A year after being founded, the platform has now been officially launched. It uses blockchain technology as a basis to transparently depict the entire lifecycle of a vehicle. “Hidden damages can lead to significant losses and a great deal of irritation further down the line. The potential reputational damage for car dealerships that could end up buying dubious second-hand vehicles is also serious”, the press release states.

The data required for this is provided by various market players, which helps to avoid any manipulation. “The first 11 million data sets were uploaded in recent days by the association member auto-i-dat ag to the platform jointly developed by the Swiss software firm AdNovum”, cardossier explains. The data is initially accessible to association members only, including the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO). An opening is also planned over the coming years.

The cardossier model is simply the next logical step in a connected world, also in terms of the aim to “democratize” business models, according to cardossier itself. “To build such a system jointly is fundamentally a huge cultural challenge and an extreme contrast to the culture of suppression seen on the markets of today”, comments Franziska Füglistaler, CEO of cardossier, in the press release.

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