Zurich – AgeTech company Caru has secured 3 million Swiss francs from new and existing investors in a funding round. Now, Caru plans to also offer its digital flatmate for older adults to consumers directly and will be expanding into Germany.

Caru AG has secured further capital from existing investors and also won new investors in a series A financing round. The Zurich AgeTech company closed the round having secured new investment of 3 million francs. This capital injection will help CARU drive the B2C launch of its voice assistant for older adults forward. The planned market expansion also includes launching the product in Germany.

Caru reported in a press release that its “digital flatmate” has seen success in the B2B market over the past two years. The current global pandemic in which older people have been truly cut off for long periods has really “highlighted the immediate and tangible” added value of AgeTech solutions.

Caru is a small device that can be voice or touch activated. In an emergency, a simple voice command such as “Help – Help!” will connect the user with their family via the loudspeaker. Everyday things can be easily shared through voice messages at any time of day or night: “grandma and grandpa via CARU, the family via smartphone”. Wi-Fi is not required, as Caru is connected to the internet on the mobile network of the integrated SIM card. “The family can configure everything conveniently from home via a smartphone app.”

Erich Mosset, co-owner and board member of watchmaker Ronda, explained his reasons for investing in Caru: “The positive response in the B2B market over the last two years, the fast development cycles and the determined early B2C introduction this spring have confirmed my decision: CARU will have a positive, sustainable and scalable impact on our ageing society.”

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