Schlieren ZH – The biotech company CDR-Life from the Greater Zurich Area has developed its immunotherapies to treat cancer up to the clinical phase. Immunotherapy is an alternative to chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer.

CDR-Life facing clinical phase for its immunotherapy

CDR-Life, a biotech start-up founded in 2017, is developing an antibody technology to fight intracellular cancer proteins. This immunotherapy is an alternative to traditional chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer. The company with a team of 27 staff has completed development to the extent that it can move on to the clinical phase now, according to an article on

CDR-Life uses an antibody platform in its immunotherapies that attaches itself directly to the body’s own immune cells. Up to now, the immune effects were not specific to cancer. With CDR-Life’s therapy, the cancer cells are targeted directly. Several preclinical, highly cancer-targeting, drug-based immunotherapies are in development for the treatment of a number of cancers.

Christian Leisner, CEO of CDR-Life, is quoted in the article, saying: “Immunotherapies are incredibly potent treatments that, to the detriment of their effect, are not very cancer-specific. Inside the cancer cells, there is a reservoir of unique proteins that have so far been inaccessible to antibody therapies. We have developed a technology to effectively target these highly cancer-specific proteins and thereby reap the full potential of immunotherapies to eradicate tumours in a safe and effective manner.”

Experts expect the global market for cancer immunotherapies to reach a volume of 118 billion US dollars by 2026. Authorizations for new immunotherapy drugs to treat various types of cancer considerably boost the industry’s expansion.

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