Switzerland is at the beginning of its circular economy journey. The Circularity Gap Report Switzerland shows a circularity gap of 93%, whilst also putting the spotlight on companies and initiatives in the Greater Zurich Area which are already leading the way and boosting a more circular economy.

Now it's time to look at jobs with a circularity lense: The 'Baseline Analysis of Circular Jobs' report shows that 9.1% of jobs in Switzerland are contributing to a circular economy. However, only 2% of all jobs in the country can be counted as 'Core-Jobs', whilst the other jobs connected to a circular economy are classified as 'Enabling' or 'Indirect'. Although the share of circular employment is relatively high compared to other European countries (between 5% and 10%), circular jobs are limited: 75% of jobs in Switzerland belong to the service sector, where growth is possible but less straightforward than in the MEM sector for example.

So what can be done? According to the report, "Switzerland’s low unemployment rate indicates that the biggest opportunities lie in leveraging existing jobs, rather than in job creation: Core, Enabling, and Indirect sectors must begin to support more circular practices and strengthen collaborations. The country can leverage its international and highly-skilled workforce, redirecting workers’ knowledge and skills to support circularity". Companies are switching to circular Business models to future-proof their businesses and operate more sustainably with greater competitiveness - all while moving away from the linear risks associated with using non-renewable resources.

Greater Zurich makes a positive impact to your sustainability initiative

Greater Zurich makes a positive impact to your sustainability initiative

ESG metrics are increasingly important performance indicators for most sustainable companies. Expanding or relocating a business can have a dramatic impact on these metrics, and Switzerland is the ideal location for meeting sustainability goals.

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