Switzerland's Circularity Metric is at 6.9%, leaving a circularity gap of over 93% according to the Circularity Gap Report. To achieve its environmental goals, Switzerland is on the road to adopting circular economy principles.

Minimizing waste, maximizing the value of materials and products, and regenerating natural systems - these are the main pillars of a circular economy.

According to the first Circularity Gap Report, Switzerland is still at the beginning of implementing a circular approach in its economy. But: The report also states that the country is well poised to take on the challenge. As of today, 9.1% of jobs in Switzerland are contributing to a circular economy

What is already being done to advance the circular economy in Switzerland? Discover circular economy initiatives and learn about new players in the Greater Zurich Area embracing and boosting circularity in the following reports:

Greater Zurich makes a positive impact to your sustainability initiative

Greater Zurich makes a positive impact to your sustainability initiative

ESG metrics are increasingly important performance indicators for most sustainable companies. Expanding or relocating a business can have a dramatic impact on these metrics, and Switzerland is the ideal location for meeting sustainability goals.

Sustainable Business Region Greater Zurich Area

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