Zurich – Tresorit, a start-up based in the Greater Zurich Area, will in future be responsible for the secure storage of Swisscom data. Companies that handle confidential information stand to particularly benefit from this.

Swisscom will in future be placing its trust in the encryption technology provided by the Zurich-based company Tresorit. This means that Switzerland’s largest telecommunications provider has opted in favor of a domestic cloud supplier. According to a recent study commissioned by Swisscom, 60 percent of the Swiss companies surveyed believe that local data storage solutions are more secure. For certain industries, this is even mandatory on account of the applicable data protection laws.  

Tresorit’s encryption technology guarantees the availability and integrity of confidential data. According to a press release on startupticker.ch, companies are therefore above all likely to benefit from the Zurich-based start-up’s file-hosting service, which represents “a business-critical process for the exchange of confidential information – for example mandate data, patient records, construction plans, patent documents and new product concepts”.

Swisscom is seeking to address the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market with the solution developed by Tresorit. Peter Ruchatz, Chief Revenue Officer at Tresorit, comments in the press release: “With such a highly competitive partner as Swisscom, we will also provide small and medium-sized enterprises with the opportunity to rapidly unlock the potential offered by the cloud”.

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