Lugano/Rudong - Together with its partners, Energy Vault has begun commissioning of its first EVx gravity energy storage system. It is expected to be fully interconnected to the local state utility grid in Rudong, just outside Shanghai, China, in the fourth quarter of this year.

Energy Vault and its partners Atlas Renewable Energy and China Tianying have announced that the world’s first EVx gravity energy storage system has entered the first phases of commissioning. The modular, scalable system has been constructed just outside Shanghai in Rudong, China, next to a wind turbine farm and national grid interconnection site. With a capacity of 25 MW, it is set to balance China’s national energy grid through the storage and delivery of renewable energy. According to Energy Vault, it will be “one of the largest long duration energy storage systems in the world”.

Building on Energy Vault’s first 5 MW EV1 Tower, which was installed in Arbedi-Castione in the canton of Ticino in 2020 and has a round trip efficiency (RTE) of above 75%, the new EVx system is expected to have RTE above 80%, thanks to its enhancements. According to the press release, this will make the new gravity system more efficient than all other energy storage processes and systems.

Robert Piconi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Energy Vault, says the team’s pace and quality of development has been extraordinary. He adds: “While this represents a significant milestone, our work in China is just beginning”, pointing to the construction of an additional 100 MWH gravity energy storage system. 

On July 26, the National Energy Administration of China published a comprehensive list of significant energy projects scheduled for 2023. The press release says Energy Vault’s EVx gravity energy storage solution was highlighted in this list. ce/mm

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