Rüschlikon ZH – Using artificial intelligence, IBM RXN can predict the outcome of chemical reactions. Researchers at IBM Research Zurich have now developed the system to be able to determine the chemicals needed to create an organic molecule.

IT giant IBM unveiled IBM RXN for Chemistry last year. Based on artificial intelligence, the system can predict the outcome of chemical reactions. Since its launch, it has been used by researchers around the world. Now, a group of scientists at IBM Research in Rüschlikon have developed the system even further, announced a statement

The system can now predict the outcome of a possible chemical reaction, as well as the inverse problem: the chemicals needed to create a given target molecule, or retrosynthetic analysis. To develop the system, IBM researchers in Zurich worked with the University of Pisa, where IBM RXN sat chemistry exams. The computer successfully answered most of the exercises. Now, it is set for further development so it can “pass its chemistry exam with high marks”, writes the statement.

IBM Research in Rüschlikon was founded in 1956 as the first IBM laboratory outside the USA. Today it is one of 12 IBM sites with a research laboratory. Its spectrum of research activities ranges from nano technology to the development of future generations of computer systems and memory technology, all the way to cloud computing, data protection, supercomputing and simulation, big data analytics and cognitive computing.

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