Zurich - Copresence is launching an app that creates lifelike digital facial avatars for users. These can be used for computer games or video conferences, for example. Users’ facial expressions are depicted in real time.

The Zurich-based startup Copresence is launching an app for the creation of digital avatars. It converts users’ faces into digital twins using artificial intelligence. According to a press release, it can also depict users’ facial expressions and nonverbal signals in real time.

The digital avatars can, for example, be used for computer games to personalize them. The app is compatible with conventional 3D engines so that developers can easily integrate the avatars into their offering. Furthermore, the digital avatars can also be used for video conferences and various applications in the areas of virtual and expanded reality.

Radek Mackowiak, CEO of Copresence, commented: “The copresence app sets a new standard in digital avatar creation, and we believe that the unmatched speed and quality of our photorealistic avatars will undoubtedly elevate interactions for users, be it in gaming, VR/AR, or video conferencing experiences.”

According to the information provided, Copresence’s app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. It is compatible with iPhones and iPads with the face ID function. ce/ssp

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