Baar ZG - CorFlow Therapeutics is developing a technology which will allow microvascular obstruction following a stroke to be detected and treated more effectively. Swissmedic has now approved the technology for its first set of clinical trials on humans.


CorFlow Therapeutics has developed a technology for the detection and treatment of microvascular obstruction (MVO) following a stroke. MVO is a common side effect of acute myocardial infarction – otherwise known as a heart attack – and entails a deterioration in the patient’s prognosis. The company from the Greater Zurich Area will now test its technology on human beings within the framework of a three-part clinical trial. As detailed in a press release, CorFlow has now received the requisite authorization from Swissmedic to this end.

CorFlow will test its technology on a total of 58 heart attack patients as part of the MOCA study (Microvascular Obstruction with the CoFITM System Assessment). The aim here is to reveal whether MVO can actually be detected and then treated using the technology.

The first tests will be conducted at Inselspital in Berne. CorFlow has secured a grant from Innosuisse to fund the clinical trial. However, CorFlow will also finance it in part from its own funds. So far, the start-up has successfully raised 9.4 million Swiss francs from private investors as part of a round of seed funding.

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