Altdorf - Crayon Switzerland has moved into new headquarters in Altdorf in the canton of Uri. Over the medium term, the IT service provider, which forms part of the Norwegian Crayon Group, will be looking to double its workforce here to 100 employees. Artificial Intelligence is a priority focus for the company’s growth.

Crayon Switzerland moved into new headquarters in Altdorf at the start of April. The premises are located at the recently completed headquarters of the Cantonal Bank of Uri and cover an area of 1,200 square meters.

At the new location, Crayon Switzerland now has more space at its disposal. Over the medium term, the Altdorf-based workforce is to be doubled from the current level of 50 to 100 employees, according to a press release. In the past 14 months, the company has already increased the number of its employees in Switzerland by 70 percent. In addition to its Swiss headquarters in Altdorf, the subsidiary of the Norwegian Crayon Group also operates a branch office located in Préverenges in the canton of Vaud.

Crayon Switzerland supports companies in selecting and administering IT services. “With our range of services Software & Cloud Economics, we do not act as a reseller, but rather consult with and support our clients as a trusted advisor”, explains Rolf Stadler, CEO and founder of Crayon Switzerland, in the press release.

The company sees Artificial Intelligence (AI) in particular as being a key technology for the future. This area is also a focal point in terms of growing the team in Switzerland. “With AI, we see numerous chances for companies to increase the efficiency of business processes and to implement new business models”, Stadler concludes.

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