Zurich – The Zurich-based fintech company Tradeplus24 successfully closed a financing round led by SVC-Ltd., a venture capital investment business owned by Credit Suisse.

Tradeplus24 AG offers an innovative receivables financing solution that is designed for SMEs and allows them to leverage their domestic and export receivables to raise easy, flexible cash. The fintech company also offers SMEs a trade credit insurance policy to protect them from any non-payment of these dates. 

Tradeplus24 has now announced that is successfully closed a Series A-1 financing round led by SVC-Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Suisse that invests in innovative SMEs in Switzerland. SVC-Ltd. is advised by Helvetica Capital AG

Tradeplus24 will use the new capital to further scale-up support and delivery of its automated lending solution. It will also offer its new product to Credit Suisse customers directly, explained CEO and co-founder Ben James.

“The Tradeplus24 lending product perfectly builds upon our existing lending offering, which allows us to reach out to our existing clients but also tap into new market segments,” said Andreas Gerber, head of SME Business at Credit Suisse.

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