Zurich - Dagsmejan is the only Swiss company to be included in the list of Europe’s 50 fastest-growing companies compiled by the Financial Times. In the latest annual FT 1000 ranking, Visium is placed at number 72, while Unit8, Beliani, Catalyx and Seven Sundays all rank somewhere in the middle.

The textile company Dagsmejan is the only Swiss company to feature in the top 50 of Europe’s growth champions compiled by the Financial Times. In this year’s ranking entitled FT 1000 – Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies 2023, the company from Zurich is placed 48th.

Founded in St.Gallen in 2016 and based in Zurich since 2020, Dagsmejan makes sleepwear that supports natural thermoregulation. The benefits of balance come from its proprietary NATTWELL technology developed in collaboration with academic partners at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology in St.Gallen, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the University of Stockholm. It combines the finest natural fibers with the latest textile technologies. According to Dagsmejan’s Swiss website, the aim of its different technologies is to fulfil the varying requirements people have when sleeping: “warm-blooded wearers are cooled by eucalyptus fibers, those who tend to feel chilly can be enrobed in warming merino wool while individuals who fluctuate between being too hot and too cold can enjoy the balance of beechwood fibers”.

According to the latest ranking based on company development between 2018 and 2021, Dagsmejan has achieved annual growth of almost 190 percent on average. Revenue rose from €363,824 to €9,522,659 in this time frame. The number of employees increased fourfold, from six to 24.

In the ranking, the second fastest-growing Swiss company is Visium at number 72. The company is based in the EPFL Innovation Park and has achieved average annual growth of almost 170 percent. It specializes in large-scale artificial intelligence and data strategy with offices in Zurich, Skopje and Sarajevo.

The other Swiss companies to make the ranking of Europe’s 1,000 fastest-growing companies fall somewhere in the middle ground: Unit8 (ranked 413), Beliani (505), Catalyx (698) and Seven Sundays (787). mm

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