Zurich - The start-up incubator DART Labs connects Swiss start-ups with Silicon Valley in California. It has now also invested in three companies. These include FluidSolids AG, which specializes in manufacturing environmentally friendly bioplastics.

The start-up incubator DART Labs connects Swiss start-ups with Silicon Valley in California. It has now invested iFluidSolids AG.


DART Labs is a start-up incubator based in both Zurich and San Francisco. Its aim is to connect Swiss start-ups with Silicon Valley. In the fall of 2019, DART Labs also announced plans to invest in up to ten start-ups per year. Now, DART Labs has made its first three investments for 2020, as detailed in a press release.

Among other firms, the Zurich-based FluidSolids AG is set to receive a fresh capital injection. The technology start-up facilitates the production of biodegradable plastic from the residues of renewable raw materials. For example, nut shells, wooden fibers and corncobs can all be used as precious resources in the production of bioplastics. In order to access the resources, FluidSolids works in conjunction with companies where this kind of fibrous refuse is created. Many companies then immediately make use of the plastic generated from their waste.

In addition to FluidSolids, DART Labs has also invested in two firms located in western Switzerland, namely Apelab and Xsensio. Apelab is developing a platform for remote schooling, while Xsensio is working on a biosensor for the analysis of sweat that can be integrated into wearable devices.

“These founders impressed us by not only demonstrating the scalability of these emerging technologies but also the positive impact they are generating”, comments Arijana Walcott, Co-Founder of DART Labs. According to Walcott, DART Labs is focusing on the areas of Augmented Realty and Virtual Reality, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, robotics and spatial computing.

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