Altdorf – Dätwyler is expanding its production capacities in the canton of Uri and at other locations worldwide. The industrial group expects to invest up to 130 million Swiss francs in 2021. As a result, it intends to meet demand from vaccine manufacturers and Nespresso.

Dätwyler Produktion
Dätwyler supplies vaccine manufacturers with elastomer components to seal vaccine doses. Image credit: Dätwyler


The industrial group Dätwyler from Altdorf is planning a number of investments over the coming year. First, it is expanding it production capacities for the Healthcare and Food & Beverage businesses, as was reported in a press release.

Dätwyler supplies vaccine manufacturer BioNTech and the Serum Institute of India with system-critical elastomer components for sealing the vaccine vials. Owing to the global coronavirus vaccination campaign, the Group has seen high order intake in this area. To avoid capacity shortages, Datwyler plans to install additional production equipment at the existing healthcare plants on three continents and in the second production plant at the existing site in India. Dätwyler will invest 85 million francs over the course of 2021.

Nespresso is another of Dätwyler’s main clients. The two companies recently concluded a new ten-year contract for the supply of coffee capsules. Furthermore, Dätwyler is supplying coffee capsules to an unnamed new customer. The capsules are being made at the Dätwyler plant in Schattdorf in the canton of Uri. To accommodate the projected volumes, the group is expanding its production capacities at this plant. In the three years from 2020 to 2022, the company will invest at least 80 million francs, with around 30 million francs earmarked for the current year.

Dätwyler is also building a new competence center for surface technology in Schattdorf for some 6 million francs. Starting in late 2021, the center will research and analyze the cleaning, activation and phosphating of surfaces of various materials and optimize the use of adhesives. It is focusing on elastomer products such as rubber-metal and rubber-plastic that play a particularly important role in systems for electric vehicles.

Dätwyler will invest a further 10 million francs in a new shipping center to increase logistics capacity for the online distributor Reichelt.

Overall, Dätwyler expects to invest up to 130 million francs in 2021. “With the already made and these planned investments, we are laying the foundation for future organic growth,” explained CEO Dirk Lambrecht.

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