Altdorf/Schattdorf UR - Dätwyler has gained a new major client in the beverages sector. The Group based in the canton of Uri is planning to expand capacities and construct a new skills center for surface coatings. In total, Dätwyler intends to invest 20 million Swiss francs in this project.



The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have seriously weakened Dätwyler’s sales in the automotive sector. However, in the food and drink and health industry business segments, the conglomerate based in the canton of Uri has, however, managed to escape the negative trend, as explained in an article in “Luzerner Zeitung”. Nevertheless, Datwyler has up until now been heavily dependent on "the industry giant Nespresso" as its only major customer within the food and drink sector, the article elaborates.

According to the report, Dätwyler has now gained a new customer in the beverages sector. CEO Dirk Lambrecht refused to disclose the name of this new customer to the newspaper, the report states. The company is however seeking to expand its production capacities in this business segment. At the same time, Dätwyler will be investing in a new skills center for surface coatings based in Schattdorf over the course of this and next year, Lambrecht explains in the report. The planned investment volume is estimated at 20 million Swiss francs overall.

Since mid-2019, Dätwyler has cut around 700 jobs around the world, the report explains further. In the canton of Uri, however, Lambrecht points out that staffing levels have remained largely stable at around 900 employees. Whether or not this will remain the case depends on how quickly the automotive sector can recover, according to statements from the CEO.

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