Wädenswil ZH - Zurich University of Applied Sciences is launching a new Applied Digital Life Sciences undergraduate degree program starting in 2022. Students will learn how to manage large volumes of data in various life sciences disciplines.

Course of study: Life Science
Image credit: ZHAW


In the fall of 2022, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) will start offering a new undergraduate degree course in Applied Digital Life Sciences. According to a press release, this is to be positioned at the interfaces between digitization in the area of life sciences and data science. The course will also offer a high level of practical relevance.

The aim is for students to grasp and master how data can be handled across various life sciences disciplines. Here, the focus will be on data collection, selection, filtering and evaluation, while an emphasis will also be placed on the importance of data and its use in lab settings and production environments.

“This course closes a gap at the interface between life sciences, computation and data science”, comments Marcel Burkhard, Director of the ZHAW Institute of Applied Simulation, in the press release.

Graduates from this degree course should be well-placed to find jobs working in the healthcare industry, for example, or perhaps in chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical companies or the agro-food and environmental sectors too.

The new degree program will be taught at the ZHAW site in Wädenswil in the canton of Zurich, with both full and part-time learning options available. In preparation for a working environment with an international focus, the course will be taught in English from the fourth semester onwards.

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