Schaffhausen – New technologies are being tested for their use in agriculture at the Swiss Future Farm. GVS Agrar from Schaffhausen, which manufactures agricultural machinery, is involved in the project.

Self-driving tractors or drones that track down diseases could soon be a part of everyday life in the agricultural sector. GPS technology could even be used to steer seeder tracking and guidance systems. These are the types of technologies that are being tested at the Swiss Future Farm.

“Imagine a whole swarm of 10-horsepower robots sent out to pluck weeds,” Nicolas Helmstetter is quoted in an article in the Schaffhauer Nachrichten. Helmstetter is the head of development at the Schaffhausen-based company GVS Agrar, which is involved in the project.

With Agriculture 4.0, it is conceivable that farmers could one day control their harvesting machines by smartphone or that customers and logistics services providers be automatically informed about the availability of products for the following day.

According to Helmstetter, some key requirements must be fulfilled for such changes to occur: “Technology is only useful if it is easy to use and the costs are acceptable.” 

Human beings must also continue to be indispensible by making decisions or finding solutions. 

“The Swiss Future Farm concept offers major potential in the development of digital agriculture and opens up new synergies between agricultural research and technology,” said the head of development at GVS Agrar.

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