Schindellegi SZ - Dividat has developed a training platform for game-based cognitive motor training. It can help people suffering from dementia, among other disorders. The ETH spin-off now has its sights set on launching a version of its platform for home use.

Bild: Robina Weermeijer


The MedTech start-up Dividat, based in the canton of Schwyz, has developed a training platform by the name of Senso. Users are tasked with following a sequence of movements with their feet on a screen, whereby a floor panel measures their steps, weight displacement and balance.

The game-based cognitive-motor exercises are also designed to help ensure that the risk of falling does not increase as mobility decreases. Moreover, they should also improve attention span, concentration, memory and orientation in people suffering from dementia, as a study carried out with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) has shown

Dividat primarily sells its Senso platform to nursing homes and hospitals. According to an article published on, a total of 250 devices are already in use in Switzerland, while more than 100 have been sold abroad – predominantly in the USA.

At the end of October, the ETH spin-off is proposing to launch a home-use version of its device, the article states. Thanks to sensors installed in a floor mat, patients should be able to complete their exercises in the comfort of their own homes after being discharged from the rehab center.

According to a LinkedIn post, Dividat has also initiated a study with the Zurich-based law firm Baryon AG in which the aim is to increase focus in the workplace and reduce stress by completing short, intensive workouts with the Senso platform.

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