Zug – Dotphoton has raised a seven-figure amount from investors. The startup impressed with its image compression software, which is currently above all being used in the biotech sector. It is also being developed for use in space applications.



Dotphoton has raised a seven-digit amount in  a pre-Series A round. The funds came from Swiss private investors, as was reported in a press release on Venturelab.

Founded in 2018, the Zug-based company has developed software for the compression of raw images. It enables high image data quality to be preserved even when compressing to a very small file format. Users can save money as a result.

The Dotphoton software is above all being used in the biotech sector. During the coronavirus pandemic, demand for this product reportedly increased significantly. Furthermore, PCO Imaging, a scientific camera manufacturer, has made Dotphoton’s software an integrated feature in its current software.

Alongside applications in biotech, the software is now also being developed for use in the aerospace sector. In January, the company entered into a partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA). Their aim is to explore the potential of the software for space and test it on the ESA’s future missions.

“The newly raised funds will help scale Dotphoton’s image compression solutions and meet rising demand from the new customers,” said Eugenia Balysheva, CEO of Dotphoton.

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