The startup company Dotphoton offers an image compression technology that is already being used in biotechnology. Now, the software is being developed in partnership with the European Space Agency for applications in space.

The Zug company Dotphoton has developed a software to compress raw image data. Thanks to the technology, image quality can be maintained even at a high compression ratio, leading to cost savings for users. Dotphoton’s software is already being used successfully in the biotech sector. Now, it is set for tests in space.    

Dotphoton has signed a partnership agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop the software for applications in space, according to a statement. The final product could help ESA’s optical missions to reduce costs and power. The output data from the software is particularly suitable for image processing algorithms, which is important in the context of growing space image data, writes the statement.  

“After successful commercial implementations of Dotphoton’s software in the biotech industry, we are looking forward to exploringthe potential of our technology for space data,” commented Dotphoton CEO Eugenia Balysheva. “And we are very proud to start the collaboration with such a renowned partner as ESA.” 

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