Dragonfish Analytics, a start-up from from Schaffhausen in the Greater Zurich Area, brings light into the clinical effectiveness of medical products. Big-data analyses and artificial intelligence are key methods in this process.

At the end of 2019, Jasminka Roth founded Dragonfish Analytics, her second start-up within a few years. "I worked in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry for more than two decades before I set up my own business in the Greater Zurich Area in 2015 with Tao of Excellence," says Roth, who studied biochemistry and biotechnology at ETH Zurich. Dragonfish Analytics then emerged as a spin-off. While Roth's first company focused on strategic consulting for pharmaceutical and medtech companies, whereas Dragonfish Analytics focuses on topics such as big data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Our goal is to make clinical effectiveness usable through artificial intelligence. This improves the entire medtech sector and ultimately benefits the patient
jasminka roth
Jasminka Roth - CEO and Founder Dragonfish Analytics

Structure and transparency

Specifically, Dragonfish Analytics is developing a platform that will shed light on the jungle of clinical trials - as the Dragonfish does with its glowing bait in the depths of the sea. "In order to obtain marketing authorisation for a medical product, clinical studies must prove its effectiveness," says Roth. Although these studies are publicly available, they are often incomprehensible to non-medical professionals and hardly usable without a specific context. This is exactly where Roth comes in with Dragonfish Analytics and, together with her team, develops a platform that enables medtech companies to analyse their products. "This makes it possible to gain new insights from clinical information without detailed expert knowledge and to use these strategically". It also increases transparency within the medical technology sector and thus allows the development of more successful medical products. "Our goal is to make clinical effectiveness usable through artificial intelligence. This improves the entire medtech sector and ultimately benefits the patient," says Roth. Her platform should play a decisive role in this. The team in the Greater Zurich Area and London is still working on the system at full speed. If everything goes according to plan, the first applications will take place as early as 2021.

First published by Economic Promotion Canton of Schaffhausen

Leading Artificial intelligence in Europe

Artificial intelligence

Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area have occupied top positions in renowned worldwide rankings on innovative strength and talent availability. Switzerland boasts the highest number of AI companies per citizen, according to ASGARD, a Venture Capital firm for Artificial Intelligence. Greater Zurich’s various research institutes, such as ETH Zurich and the Swiss AI Lab IDSIA, continue to rank as some of the leading technical institutes in the world and attract the best talents and companies including Google, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle and many others.

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