Schlieren ZH – EraCal Therapeutics AG has received 1 million Swiss francs from investors. The spinoff from the University of Zurich and Harvard University is developing an appetite suppressor that is reported to be more effective than traditional methods.

Novartis Venture Fund and the UZH Foundation have invested 1 million Swiss francs in EraCal Therapeutics AG, announced a statement. The startup company is developing a new appetite suppression pill that has a more specific approach than existing methods to help people lose weight and avoid comorbidities associated with obesity. The company plans to use the new funds to drive the further development of the pill.

EraCal Therapeutics was founded as a spinoff from the University of Zurich and Harvard University in Zollikon in the canton of Zurich. According to a statement published in April, the startup is moving to the UZH IncubatorLab at the Bio-Technopark Schlieren-Zürich. It describes the park as “one of the best European biotechnology research hubs”.

Earlier this year, EraCal Therapeutics raised funding of 130,000 Swiss francs at the Venture Kick final. The initiative supports startup companies from conception to foundation.  

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