Zurich – Scalable Capital is placing its trust in technology from the Greater Zurich Area in the area of security. The German asset manager will apply the secure authentication solution from ETH spin-off Futurae. This is based on machine learning and functions without user interaction.

Scalable Capital specializes in digital asset management. According to a press release from Futurae, the German company is “Europe’s largest robo advisor”. Scalable Capital is now integrating the two-factor authentication Zero-Touch in its platform. The solution is based on machine learning and was developed by Futurae. It enables “users to securely perform sensitive operations on their mobile phones”. The solution requires minimal or no user interaction, so no need for cumbersome codes sent through an SMS message or on a physical token.

“Security and privacy remain paramount to Scalable Capital. This partnership will help us continue to deliver on our mission securely and effectively while staying ahead of cyber threats,” comments Andreas Schranzhofer, Chief Technology Officer of Scalable Capital.

Futurae was founded as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and has its headquarters in Zurich.

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