Zurich - The 4T-DLT initiative is committed to creating a trustworthy Distributed Ledger Technology ecosystem in Switzerland. To this end, it has now developed a new approach. This is designed to serve as a navigation aid to the authorities, among other aspects.

The 4T-DLT initiative has published a new whitepaper for the creation of a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) ecosystem in Switzerland. This provides basic information in relation to the technical and legal framework for setting up and operating a trustworthy digital infrastructure. In the future, this infrastructure is to be used by citizens to save digital information as well as transferring values and rights in a legally secure and efficient manner

Experts outline approach for blockchain ecosystem

The 4T-DLT initiative is the brainchild of the Leap innovation program of digitalswitzerland. Within the framework of this initiative, the law firm MME and telecommunications provider Swisscom brought together industry leaders and experts from the worlds of science and business, with the network being expanded on a continuous basis.

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“The successful application of a new technology requires common understanding of its fundamentals. The 4T-DLT whitepaper helps users, consultants and the authorities in terms of orientation and to jointly come up with solutions”, comments Luka Müller-Studer from MME in a press release issued by digitalswitzerland.

The whitepaper is divided into four parts. Each section deals with a central aspect of a trustworthy DLT infrastructure. These include, for example, configuration, principles for DLT interfaces, safekeeping of assets and the legally secure transfer of digital assets.

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