Chur - The University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons is on the cusp of bringing the world record for calculating the mathematical constant pi back to Switzerland. On Wednesday morning, the high-performance computer known as DAViS finally hit the target of working out pi to 62.8 trillion decimal places after more than three months of calculation time.

FHGR approaching new world record for pi decimal places calculatio
FHGR approaching new world record for pi decimal places calculation

The University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons (FHGR) has achieved a milestone on the path to setting a new world record for calculating pi decimal places. Its new high-performance computer housed at the Centre for Data Analytics, Visualisation and Simulation (DAViS) has been attempting to calculate pi to 62.8 trillion decimal places since April 28, 2021. According to a press release, this target was finally achieved on Wednesday morning.

If the pending reviews are positive, Switzerland would have succeeded in its attempts to repatriate the world record of 50 trillion decimal places that was lost to the USA two years ago. This project served as preparation for the new high-performance computer to carry out complex calculations in applied research and development.

The 62.8 trillion digits after the decimal point now calculated are depicted in hexadecimal notation. Since this is “not particularly easy to read” for humans, the digits will be converted into the decimal system. Thereafter, the program will use a special algorithm to check the calculation for errors. According to the FHGR, this will take another fortnight or so. If the calculated number turns out to be correct, the FHGR team can have its world record entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

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