Schlieren/South San Francisco - The Californian company Agtonomy is integrating Fixposition technology for precise localization in its TeleFarmer solution. This technology from the Greater Zurich Area enables improved global positioning of autonomous and remotely operated agricultural vehicles.

Fixposition sensor to be used in the USA
Agtonomy selects Fixposition to be integrated into its TeleFarmer™ Technology solution. Image: Fixposition

Agtonomy has placed its trust in Fixposition: the Vision Fusion Technology created by the company from Schlieren in the canton of Zurich will be integrated in Agtonomy’s TeleFarmer solution. The startup from the San Francisco Bay Area runs a hybrid autonomy and tele-assist platform for agricultural vehicles. It includes innovative software, a suite of apps and an electric vehicle reference tractor. According to a press release from the two companies, Agtonomy is “able to achieve even more reliable and more efficient performance in how it knows the position of the agricultural vehicles it controls” by utilizing Fixposition’s solution.

As per its website, Fixposition’s product Vision-RTK2 is a lightweight solution for all types of platforms that enables precise global positioning in real time. To allow operation in a multitude of challenging environments, the company combines computer vision and satellite navigation. The technology is a key enabler for the mass-market adoption of autonomous solutions.

“Fixposition’s offering allowed us to accelerate development and extend our field of operation at a very good price-performance ratio,” explains Tim Bucher, CEO of Agtonomy. Zhenzhong Su, CEO of Fixposition, says Agtonomy is “a great partner for us” as the two can “continuously innovate from our joint learning in the field”. mm

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