Schlieren ZH – The games developer Giants Software is releasing Farming Simulator 22 towards the end of this year. The new agricultural simulator will be available to play on PC and other games consoles. For the first time, Giants Software is releasing the game as the publisher itself.

giants software launches new agricultural simulator
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This fall, Giants Software, a computer game developer based in Schlieren in the canton of Zurich, will be releasing the new and improved version of its agricultural simulator that has already sold millions of copies. According to a press release, Farming Simulator 22 offers a deeper playing experience with the addition of new features and improvements, including new crops, new maps, new machines and a total of 400 brands of agricultural equipment. Another innovation centers on seasonal cycles, including snow-clad landscapes, the press release explains. Farming Simulator 22 will be available to play on PC and other games consoles.

For the first time, Giants Software is releasing the game in a joint developer-publisher role. “We are further growing with our games”, explains Giants Software CEO Christian Ammann, in the press release. Publishing the game by itself represents “a milestone in the series’ history as well as our company, which developed into a self-determined publisher in full control of its product”, Ammann adds. Formerly functioning exclusively as a games developer, Giants Software has now transformed into a publisher of video games too. To achieve this, the company built up a global partner network, the press release states. This network extends from its domestic market of Switzerland all the way across to Singapore and Australia in addition to North and South America.

As a publisher, Giants Software is primarily seeking to control the way in which its products are published in addition to leading on global positioning and brand communications across all partners. According to the latest press release from the end of March, a total of 22 partner companies are so far involved in the network. With the establishment of a global partner network, Giants Software is not only increasing its reach and brand awareness around the globe, but also its autonomy as a developer allied to its role as an independent video games publisher.

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