Glarus – The government of Glarus wants to get involved in the new Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, a merger of the three universities of applied sciences in Eastern Switzerland. From the point of view of Glarus the new structure will enable the focus to be more on the needs of business, from which Glarus companies can also benefit.

In future the three universities of applied sciences – FHS St. GallenHSR Rapperswil, and NTB Buchs – are to merge to become a single inter-cantonal and intergovernmental institution; education and research will continue at their current locations. The new university will operate under the name “Ost” combined with the descriptor “Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences”. The canton of Glarus also wants to participate in the new Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences. According to a press release, the Glarus government has made an application to the cantonal parliament to accede to the agreement on the Ost - Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences.

On entering into the new agreement the canton of Glarus will become a co-founder of the new university with all three locations, i.e. St. Gallen and Buchs SG in addition to the existing concordat in Rapperswil. The existing condordats, also HSR, which the canton of Glarus currently belongs to, will be dissolved.

In the view of the canton of Glarus the new university will benefit from enhanced attractiveness and better positioning due to the increased concentration of energies and resources. The quality of training and activities in the area of technology transfer should also improve. In addition, the education will be geared more to the needs of industry and commerce with the new structure. According to the press release, companies in Glarus would particularly benefit in the area of technology.

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