Zurich – The Luxembourg Directorate of Civil Aviation has awarded the start-up Nomoko its first EU-compliant authorization for drone operations. As a result, Nomoko will now be able to use its digital twin technology for the real estate sector beyond Swiss borders.

Nomoko given green light to generate digital twins across Europe

Nomoko has taken the first step towards bringing its digital twin solutions for real estate applications outside its domestic market of Switzerland. The Zurich-based start-up has now been granted its first SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment) approval for safe drone operations from the Luxembourg Directorate of Civil Aviation, further details of which can be found in an article published by startupticker.ch. At the start of this year, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) made SORA approval a compulsory requirement for complex drone operations.

Nomoko uses drones to produce digital twins of buildings, streets and even whole cities. Via its 3D modelling process, Nomoko is able to convert 2D drone images into geo-referenced, real-scale 3D models both more rapidly and in a more scalable way that existing methods currently allow. Following this process, Nomoko combines these models with real-time data from real-world settings to deliver a wide range of spatial services to businesses operating across a variety of different sectors.

“SORA is an important step towards scaling 3D models and digital twins of Europe and vital to our mission to create a machine-readable world”, comments Nilson Kufus, CEO and co-founder of Nomoko, in the article, before adding: “The potential of digital twins for real estate in particular is very significant – not only to digitalize and disrupt the workings of the largest financial asset class in the world but also to make it much more sustainable”.

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