Bonaduz GR – The American high-tech company Hamilton has its European headquarters and its most important production site in the Greater Zurich Area. There, production of ventilators is currently in full swing. It is also supplying certain components for viral tests by Roche.

urrently, 350 ventilators are being delivered to Italy, while an order for 10 million US dollars has come from the USA.


Ventilators are currently in very high demand due to coronavirus. According to Andreas Wieland, Chairman of the Board of Hamilton Switzerland, in an article by SRF, demand has quadrupled for Hamilton as well.

The company is fully committed to production at its site in Ems GR. The 350 members of staff at the factory in Ems are working overtime. Jens Halek, CEO of Hamilton Medical says: “Our workers need no persuasion for the additional work. Ventilators are urgently needed everywhere. We can contribute to this.” 

Currently, 350 ventilators are being delivered to Italy, while an order for 10 million US dollars has come from the USA. According to the article, a device as currently required costs around 45,000 Swiss francs. The company does not want to increase the price as this would damage their reputation.

(Update on March 31, 2020: According to Andreas Wieland, Hamilton has already increased its output from 1,000 units per month to 3,000. By May, the company should be able to produce 4,000 units per month.)

In addition to ventilators, Hamilton Switzerland is also manufacturing parts for viral testing by Roche for example, for which the pharmaceutical company from Basel recently received authorization. The tips used to dispense the liquid are created by Hamilton as well as robots to automate the tests and their analysis.

According to the information reported, Hamilton Switzerland has annual sales of around 550 million Swiss francs. Almost half of this is earned from the medical division.

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