Schlieren ZH – HeiQ Materials AG, which is active in the field of textiles technology, is offering its competitors the formula for its virus protection on protective clothing free of charge. With this move, the company is aiming to drive forward global efforts in the fight against the coronavirus on textiles.

HeiQ is offering its competitors free licenses for its proprietary technology for antimicrobial treatment of textiles. The Schlieren-based company has issued a press release in which it calls on the textiles industry to play a key role in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the information available, the technology in question, namely HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03, reduces the risk of infection from coronaviruses on protective masks and clothing by 99.99 percent within a matter of minutes. To this end, a combination of vesicle and silver technologies with an antiviral and antibacterial effect are used. Testing has revealed that this protective coating lasts undamaged for at least 30 wash cycles.  

Since the market launch, HeiQ has been utilizing its full production capacity of 145 tons per day in its four manufacturing sites on three continents. “There is not a moment to lose”, appealed HeiQ CEO Carlo Centonze in the press release, before adding: “We must act now and act fast to produce textiles for hospitals and every frontline healthcare worker that are more resistant to pathogenic viruses and bacteria. The international textile industry must do our part”.

In this context, the CHT Group is also keen to assume a key role, according to Ralf Kattanek, Group Vice President at the Tübingen-based firm. The Taiwanese manufacturers of textile chemicals Jintex will also play its part in this “coordinated effort”, comments Chairman David Juang. Rick Wilson, CEO of Piedmont Chemical Industries based in North Carolina, also explained that his company would likewise “join the fight and support HeiQ and our textile industry with all we have”.

HeiQ was formed as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) in 2005. The company in headquartered in the IJZ, an innovation and start-up park located in Schlieren, and is a member of Start Smart Schlieren.

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