Schlieren ZH - HeiQ has announced the market launch of HeiQ Cool. The world’s first dual textile cooling technology provides both immediate contact cooling and continuous evaporative cooling. The new method will initially be used in products such as bed linen.

HeiQ, a textile technology company based in the Greater Zurich Area is launching its dual cooling effect technology HeiQ Cool. According to a press release, it is the world’s first process of this kind, permitting both contact cooling and continuous evaporative cooling through textiles. HeiQ Cool is suitable for all textiles. The market launch is focusing initially on home textiles and on bedding products in particular, such as pillows and bed linen.

HeiQ presents textiles with dual cooling function
According to information provided by the company itself, HeiQ Cool textiles cool before the first signs of sweat, delay heat accumulation, and continuously regulate temperature.

The effect mimics the skin’s own heat regulation system. A temperature-responsive polymer made from bio-based plant oil absorbs heat energy and creates an immediate feeling of cool. The explanation of the technology goes on to state that if the body continues to warm up, sweat is produced and the patented hydro-function polymer transports the moisture and heat away together, creating a continuous cooling effect that stops after cooling is achieved.

Hoi Kwan Lam, Chief Marketing Officer of HeiQ, states in the press release that a study conducted by the American research company Cotton Inc. in 2017 showed that 55 percent of consumers seek a temperature-regulating effect from their bed linen. Carlo Centonze, Co-Founder and CEO of HeiQ, states: “I trust that consumers now have the means of getting a good night’s sleep and going about their sports and lives in greater comfort.”

HeiQ is a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH).

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