Zug – The cement company Holcim is working with three Swiss start-ups to promote innovation and sustainability in the building sector. They are doing this for instance by using recycled building materials in 3D printers or by trapping CO2 in concrete.

Holcim kooperiert mit innovativen Start-ups und fördert Smart Technology und Nachhaltigkeit im Bausektor
Liquid CO2 is introduced into the left container of the startup neustark with crushed concrete. Through mineralization, CO2 is permanently bound in the concrete granules. © Holcim

According to a press release, the Zug-based cement giant Holcim is working with three Swiss start-ups. The aim is to drive forward innovative technologies in the building sector and promote sustainability.

For example, in collaboration with Mobbot, a start-up based in Fribourg, Switzerland, integration of recycled construction materials into 3D printing technology will be advanced. Mobbot has developed the 3D printing technology required for this. Together with Holcim, it now hopes to develop a concrete recipe that enables recycled material to be used in 3D printing.

Holcim has also entered into a collaboration with the Bern-based company neustark. The spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) is developing technology that can permanently trap CO2 from the atmosphere in recycled concrete by introducing liquid CO2 into the rubble. Within this collaboration, neustark is investigating the CO2 conversion potential of concrete chunks recycled by Holcim. Holcim in turn is optimizing the concrete manufactured by neustark. Holcim believes neustark’s solution could be integrated into its recycling process in future.

The third collaboration Holcim has agreed is with HeatNeutral, a start-up based in Ticino, which has developed an innovative combustion system that aims to drive forward decarbonization of production plants. According to the information provided, the heating system works particularly efficiently and achieves almost 100-percent combustion of fuels. This means that less fuel is needed for the same performance. Moreover, HeatNeutral’s system can also burn CO2-neutral oils such as plant-based oils, used cooking oil, and biodiesel. Holcim is testing the solution in its concrete factory in Birsfelden, in the canton of Basel-Landschaft.



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Since 2019, GZA has been a climate-neutral company by offsetting its CO₂ emissions by supporting the renaturation of a wetland in the Schwändital in the canton of Glarus. The goal of the project is to restore the moorland to its natural state. This will reduce CO₂ emissions in the air and increase biodiversity. 

How to get involved?

How to get involved?

Myclimate offers companies a individual analysis of their CO₂ emissions. After the calculation, companies can choose which project they would like to support to offset their CO₂ emissions and are awarded the "climate neutral company" certificate for their commitment.

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