Zurich - The law firm Homburger has decided to use a search machine developed by DeepJudge following a successful pilot project. With the help of machine learning technology, attorneys can easily find and use information in already available documents with natural language.

The law firm Homburger, which operates out of Zurich with around 150 attorneys, has found a solution in the form of a search machine on the basis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by the Zurich-based start-up DeepJudge that “allows us to reuse our internal knowledge effectively”. As the two companies outline in a practically identical press release, Homburger had been on the lookout for such a solution for many years.

The search engine that Homburger has now opted for following a pilot project with DeepJudge is able to “navigate millions of internal documents intuitively with natural language”, as David Oser, Partner in M&A at Homburger, explains in the press release. In turn, this “relieves us from hours of identifying and retrieving relevant information using slow and error-prone keyword searches”, he adds.

Sensitive legal data is handled with total confidentiality and existing security protocols are respected both on-premise and in a secure cloud environment. The AI-predicted tags predicted facilitate filtering and enrich the existing metadata. According to the information, the search engine is 100 percent ready for immediate use without the need for additional training. In addition, it can be optionally fine-tuned to customer and company data.

DeepJudge was founded in 2021 by three former Google employees with PhDs in Artificial Intelligence from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). In the words of co-founder and CEO Paulina Grnarova, with the aid of machine learning technology, the team delivers “highly secure and scalable solutions that ultimately improve productivity and business impact”. ce/mm

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