Opfikon ZH - IDUN Technologies is launching its very first product on the market in the form of Dryode. This is a biosensor for wearable devices, offering highly accurate measurements without any skin irritation, developed by the start-up itself.

The start-up IDUN Technologies based in the Greater Zurich Area has launched its first ever product on the market, as revealed in a press release on startupticker.ch. Dryode is a special form of biosensor, which can, for example, be integrated within wearable devices. It is well suited, among other applications, for underwater sports monitoring processes and long-term cardiac monitoring.

The electrodes in Dryode comprise silicon-based materials with conductive particles, which are soft and flexible. According to information supplied by the company, they offer a clinical signal quality without the need to use gel. The surface is similar to the structure of a grasshopper, allowing for adhesive-free grip.

These new biosensors will be sold via the open source platform OpenBCI. “We are very excited to work with IDUN Technologies in offering affordable biosensing equipment to our community”, comments Conor Russomanno, CEO and founder of OpenBCI, in the press release.

IDUN Technologies was founded in 2017 as a spin-off the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). For the development of its products, the start-up raised capital from Venture Kick and investors.

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