iGroove is planning to expand. The music service has enlisted the services of German rapper Kool Savas to boost the recruitment of new acts in German-speaking countries. For its US expansion plans, the company is being aided by an investor from Graubünden, who now works out of Silicon Valley. Moreover, an innovative remuneration model is set to trigger disruption in the music business.

iGroove is expanding further. In order to recruit new acts and labels in German-speaking countries, the Swiss digital distribution and music service has enlisted the services of the rapper Kool Savas as A&R (artist and repertoire) Director. The German rapper was quoted in a press release: “I met up with the guys in Zurich and instantly knew that this is a killer concept!”. Kool Savas is one of the most distinctive characters on the German music scene. “I would have loved a platform like iGroove at the start of my career”, he said to blick.ch a few days ago. 

The start-up is also looking to set up base in the USA. iGroove has been working with the investor Alex Fries to scale the business model. Now settled in Silicon Valley, Fries originally hails from the canton of Graubünden. He praised the exceptionally talented management team at iGroove for supporting musicians throughout their journey, while also highlighting the company’s unique combination of fintech and marketing services. Fries is excited about supporting iGroove’s expansion plans in the USA.

According to information from the company itself, iGroove has “completely transformed the game” for artists. The start-up’s sales team can apply for advance payments for music productions via a financing platform. Moreover, iGroove is said to be working towards developing a Blockchain solution “that will use smart contracts to revolutionize the distribution of sales among artists”.

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