Zurich – The start-up Innovation 6 has raised a total of 900,000 Swiss francs in venture capital. The company helps patients to take their medication on time by way of its free app TOM.

TOM application from Greater Zurich start-up Innovation 6


The Zurich-based start-up Innovation 6 has raised 900,000 Swiss francs in start-up aid capital. The electronic healthcare company intends to use the funding to further develop its app TOM, which offers support to people that must regularly take medication. A reminder function guarantees that this does not slip their mind and that patients take their medication on time.

The free app was launched in 2019. According to information from startupticker.ch, the app has been met with “very positive feedback” so far. It is downloaded several hundred times per week.

The invested capital should now serve the purpose of further developing the app. Innovation 6 is also planning to offer new services. The investors included Myke Näf, the founder of Doodle, Christof Zogg, CEO of Starticket, and the health insurance company Sanitas.

“Forgotten or incorrectly taken medication causes huge extra costs in the Swiss health care sector”, according to Sanitas CEO Andreas Schönenberger. “TOM therefore addresses a very important issue”.

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