International innovation has become more collaborative, according to a report from the World Intellectual Property Organization. The report highlights Switzerland as a well networked innovation hub and Zurich as an ideal location for research-intensive corporations.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has published its “World Intellectual Property Report 2019” on global patent and research activity. Key to its findings is that innovation has become increasingly collaborative and transnational, while originating in a few large clusters in a small number of countries. According to WIPO, 69 per cent of all patents hail from 30 innovation hotspots.

Switzerland features in the report as a well networked innovation hub, while countries such as Korea and Japan proved less well networked with other hotspots.

In a statement, WIPO highlights that multinational companies locate their research and development activities in hotspots that offer specialized knowledge and skills. Zurich, which is home to one of Google’s important research sites, is cited as an example. 

The report also highlights Bern as an example of a small city with high levels of innovation. Stavanger in Norway is a similar example.

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