Zizers GR – INTEGRA Biosciences intends to expand its headquarters in the Greater Zurich Area by 150 per cent. To this end, the company will be investing a total of 20 million Swiss francs in the coming years. The staff complement will also be increased.

The headquarters of INTEGRA Biosciences are located in Zizers, where the company specialises in the manufacture of pipettes and pipette equipment. “We make it easier for staff in laboratories to work with small quantities of liquid,” explains CEO Elmar Moscher. In Zizers, INTEGRA Biosciences focuses on research and development as well as high-tech production. The company currently has 85 employees at this site.

Now, INTEGRA Biosciences plans to expand the headquarters by 150 per cent, as it outlined in a press release. The new facilities will be able to accommodate 150 employees and Elmar Moscher says “We are always on the hunt for highly qualified staff”. INTEGRA Biosciences will be investing a total of 20 million francs in the expansion. The new headquarters will be modern and include spaces such as innovation rooms, which is inspired by Google’s headquarters. Instead of the traditional canteen, INTEGRA Biosciences will be fitting intelligent fridges supplied by a Zurich startup.

After being founded in Chur in 2003, the company moved to Zizers in 2009 and has recorded annual growth of between 15 per cent and 20 per cent for the past decade. This is six times greater than the industry average over the same period. INTEGRA Biosciences is therefore something of a flagship for the 20 international companies within the INTEGRA Group, says Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, Adrian Oehler. INTEGRA Biosciences is above all growing due to innovation. As work commences on the expansion, the latest development was recently presented for the first time at the SLAS2018 Conference in San Diego: the most compact pipetting robot in the world.

Governing Councillor Jon Domenic Parolini highlights that the expansion of INTEGRA Biosciences is a brilliant reflection of how support for existing businesses also leads to active economic development. The involvement of the canton at an early stage has helped ensure that INTEGRA Biosciences remains loyal to the site in Graubünden. By supporting local companies, data from the Economic Development and Tourism Agency for Graubünden (Amt für Wirtschaft und Tourismus Graubünden; AWT) reveals that 1,200 workplaces have been safeguarded in Grisons as well as 500 new jobs being created over the past 12 years. The area has gained another 50 new businesses in the last six years, which represents further potential for an additional 800 jobs.

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