Wollerau SZ - Freename has raised capital of 2.5 million US dollars in a seed funding round. The investors from Luxembourg, London, Malta and the United Arab Emirates are supporting the startup's solution that allows users to create their own top-level domains and second-level domains on multiple blockchains.


Freename can move forward with the growth and development of its platforms with an additional 2.5 million US dollars. This is the amount the Wollerau and London-based startup raised in a seed funding round, according to a statement. The round was led by the Luxembourg-based venture capitalist Sparkle Ventures. The Blockchain Founders Fund, Golden Record Ventures, the Malta-based Abalone Asset Management and Sheikh Mayed Al Qasimi, Crown Prince of the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, also participated.

Freename allows users to create their own top-level domains (TLDs) and second-level domains (SLDs) on multiple blockchains. These web3 domains represent a digital identity and can be used for various functions such as sending and receiving crypto payments, sending web2 and web3 emails, browsing traditional websites, and creating decentralized websites. In addition, anyone who owns a TLD can generate a revenue stream when new users register domains under their TLD.

Freename’s products include the web3 domain explorer WHOIS and the Freename browser extension compatible with Chrome, Brave and Firefox. The company is reportedly working toward interoperability of the web3 and web2 worlds. Web3 domains are expected to become “increasingly user-friendly and compatible with the traditional internet”, according to co-founder and CEO Davide Vicini. “The closing of this seed round represents an important pillar for the company's growth,” he said. ce/mm

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