Zürich - The construction company Jegen specializes in the expansion of sales spaces. Jegen is now using the visualization tool from Hegias for this. The start-up headquartered in Zurich develops browser-based virtual reality applications.

As Hegias states in a press release, virtual reality (VR) was previously very expensive for planning building projects and could only be afforded by agencies specializing in VR. The Virtual Reality Content Management System (CMS) developed by the start-up headquartered in Zurich is set to change this. A version of the browser-based visualization tool designed specifically for shop-fitting is already being used by the construction company Jegen.

Jegen is using the tool on a pilot project with the Migros shop format Daily. “The people from Migros shop planning were impressed”, comments Reto Jegen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jegen. “They said they had never seen a system that could represent a shop so authentically in 3D. “

According to the press release, the visualization tool from Hegias is easy to operate even for inexperienced users. Changes can be made to the 3D model in real time and the virtual worlds can be entered simultaneously by different users. They do not even have to be in the same place in reality to do this. “In addition to the advantage of being able to discuss shop-fitting concepts and plans so much more efficiently with customers, misunderstandings during planning can also be ruled out”.

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