REMEC’s Kassandra can forecast guest numbers in ski areas. Based on artificial intelligence, the system helps better plan resources and staffing.

The new software Kassandra devloped by REMEC.


REMEC, a company in the canton of Uri, has developed a new prognosis and analysis software, Kassandra, that forecasts guest numbers to help ski areas plan resources and staffing. Kassandra, which is based on artificial intelligence, uses visitor statistics from previous years, as well as weather forecasts and event programs to calculate its projections. The software is also equipped with a booking and chat function, with bookings integrated into the forecasts.  

“The more data Kassandra has access to, the better it can predict guest numbers,” said Rolf Bissig, software specialist at REMEC, in an interview with the online magazine There are plans to incorporate data on snowfall and food sold in the resorts, so with help from the software, ski regions will be able to better plan resources and staffing. There will be resulting cost savings and more efficient service in gastronomy, according to the article.  

REMEC is headquartered in Altdorf and has an office in Austria. It is also behind Sambesi, a maintenance software for companies. 

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