Zurich – Klingelnberg will be exhibiting at EMO Hannover 2019 to showcase several innovations from the high-precision product industry. A multifunctional machine used to manufacture cycloid gearing for robots will be presented for the first time. It helps with connecting components, known as pairing.

The Zurich-based mechanical engineering company Klingelnberg specializes in gearing technology. The firm has developed several innovations, which it will present in September at the specialist trade fair EMO Hannover 2019. These include the VIPER 500 multifunctional machine, with which Klingelnberg is making a move into cycloid gearing and therefore the world of robotics too.

“In order to achieve good operating characteristics and high load-bearing capacity for cycloid gearing systems, a particular level of precision is required in manufacturing the gearing the main frame”, Klingelnberg explained. It is not possible to achieve such high precision with the standard tooling machines available on the market. Components are therefore measured and then paired with each other according to their tolerance values. Klingelnberg explains that this entails high additional costs and huge logistical efforts in production and assembly processes.

The VIPER 500 now ensures that the time and cost-intensive process of measuring and pairing components in manufacturing processes for cycloid gearing solutions is a thing of the past. The company commented that “this opens up highly interesting opportunities, particularly in the robotics industry”.

In addition to the VIPER 500, Klingelnberg will also be showcasing other innovations at EMO Hannover 2019, including a grinding machine aimed at revolutionizing manufacturing processes for gearing solutions in the aviation industry, for example.

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