Schindellegi SZ - Kühne+Nagel is supporting the global distribution and storage of the coronavirus vaccine developed by Moderna from Europe. The logistics expert operates a fleet of more than 200 dedicated pharmaceutical transportation vehicles in Europe alone.

Kühne+Nagel distributing Moderna vaccine around the world


Kühne+Nagel, the international logistics firm headquartered in the canton of Schwyz, is supporting the BioTech company Moderna in connection with global distribution and storage efforts for its coronavirus vaccine. According to a press release issued by the logistics experts, the relevant agreement was struck between the two firms on Thursday. The previous day saw the European Commission authorize the vaccine for use in the European Union (EU).

“We are proud to be partnering with Kühne+Nagel from Europe to support the distribution of vaccines to global citizens”, comments Dan Staner, Vice President and Head of EMEA Region at Moderna, in the press release. This represents “another step closer to resolving the pandemic and an exciting time for both our companies”, Staner adds.

Kühne+Nagel will use its global network of more than 230 business operations to distribute the vaccine by road and air. In Europe alone, the company operates a proprietary fleet of more than 200 dedicated pharmaceutical transportation vehicles, which are able to guarantee that the vaccine is stored at the required temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius across all phases of the journey.

“We have invested in our pharma and healthcare network and our global team of experts for decades”, comments Robert Coyle, Senior Vice President, Pharma & Healthcare at Kühne+Nagel, in the press release, before adding that his company is “ready now, for when it matters the most”.

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