Pfäffikon/Zurich - Lattice Flow has won the Swiss AI Award 2022 at the artificial intelligence festival AiCon. The jury selected Magnes AG and Embotech to take joint second place. All three winners originated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich.

This year’s Swiss AI Award has been given to Lattice Flow. The award honors the most promising and innovative artificial intelligence (AI) startups in Switzerland. It was presented at the AiCon AI innovation festival in Pfäffikon in the canton of Schwyz on June 7.

Lattice Flow, Magnes and embotech receive Swiss AI Award 2022

According to a press release, Lattice Flow, which was founded in 2020, operates the world’s first platform to enable governments and companies to develop robust, trustworthy AI solutions. This allows machine learning teams to automatically diagnose datasets and models to find and fix issues. In May, the young startup was admitted into the AI 100 list of the most promising AI startups for 2022 from CB Insights. In 2021, it won a US Army Global AI Award. Lattice Flow “[has outperformed] MIT, Berkeley, and Stanford at friendly competitions on the topic of robust AI”.

Second place was awarded to two companies: Embotech and Magnes. Embotech develops AI software for autonomous systems in the automotive industry, industry automation, and aerospace. It enables vehicles, robots, industry machines, and missiles to move safely, efficiently, and at maximum performance.

Greater Zurich offers the best conditions to develop world-class deeptech AI products
Petar Tsankov - Co-founder and CEO

Magnes has developed a groundbreaking remote monitoring solution to analyze patient gait samples. AI algorithms record clinical data in real time. This enables personalized therapies for improved mobility. The company’s flagship product is a data-processing shoe called Nushu.

All three winners are based in Zurich and are direct or indirect spin-offs from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. Lattice Flow’s CEO and Co-founder Petar Tsankov comments: “In my view, Greater Zurich offers the best conditions to develop world-class deeptech AI products. We could not have made this much progress, at such speeds, without the amazing talent from ETH/EPFL and density of supportive people and organizations.”

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Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area have occupied top positions in renowned worldwide rankings on innovative strength and talent availability. Switzerland boasts the highest number of AI companies per citizen, according to ASGARD, a Venture Capital firm for Artificial Intelligence. Greater Zurich’s various research institutes, such as ETH Zurich and its AI Center as well as the Swiss AI Lab IDSIA, continue to rank as some of the leading technical institutes in the world and attract the best talents and companies including Google, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle and many others.

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